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WAHLTRAUT helps you vote!


Conception of an attention-grabbing campaign for the election consultant WAHLTRAUT - the first election decision tool for #BTW2021 with a focus on gender equality issues.


With provocative questions, we deliberately generate attention in order to be heard via posters, social channels and influencer marketing, even in target groups that still have to deal more with the issue of equality.

The posters.


In contrast to the Wahl-O-Mat of the Federal Agency for Civic Education, WAHLTRAUT has only one main topic: equal rights. These include, for example, the parties' statements on the wage gap between men and women, their attitude towards abortion or the role of women in the context of foreign policy. "If things continue at the current pace, we will have closed the wage gap in exactly 100 years. We can't wait that long and we have to fill the government with people who are seriously committed to this issue," says co-initiator Cordelia Röders-Arnold.